Rainy City Roller Girls: Hit like a Girl!

Gallery Oldham’s next Community Gallery exhibition features photographs of the local all female Roller Derby Team, The Rainy City Roller Girls. The RCRG: Hit like a Girl! exhibition is your chance to see one of the top roller derby teams in the UK and Europe through still and moving images. This exhibition illustrates the strength and athleticism […]

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Photo: Family Friendly Museum Award 2015

Family Friendly Museum Award 2015

Do you and your family love visiting Gallery Oldham? The 2015 Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award gives you the chance to say which museum, gallery, heritage site, science centre or historic home in Britain gives the warmest welcome to families.

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Abirdabode exhibition opening

Created by local groups working with artists Jacqui Symons and Richard Dawson, alongside decorated bird silhouettes created by members of the public at events including The Oldham Flower Festival. The exhibition runs until May 2.

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Solar flowers exhibition at Gallery Oldham

Artist Alexandre Dang has displayed his dancing Solar Flowers around the world in recent years. They have become an iconic piece of artwork and showcase his commitment to renewable energy. The exhibition runs until June 13.

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Black Sheep

Gallery Oldham’s latest exhibition looks at a textile that has been used since ancient times – felt.  The material has a long and intriguing history and has been used for everything from military armour to housing, from cosy winter garments to conceptual art. This exhibition – Black Sheep – is an exploration of the edgier […]

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