Chameleons and Shape Shifters: Sculptures by Michael Shaw

Chameleon III (Frozen Cosmos) by Michael Shaw

14 January – 16 June

Things are not what they seem in Michael Shaw’s world. Luminous sculptural forms change colour and shape to create the illusion that each is something beyond its material confines. The highlight of this show is a giant sinuous inflatable that winds its way around the Gallery’s central lighting rig, descending in places like molten lava or alien stalactites. Whatever it may be, it seems on the brink of overpowering the architecture like a giant intestinal parasite.

Elsewhere organic sculptures use ‘live edge’ acrylic which glows brightly without mains power. Other works exploit electricity to change the intensity and tone of their colour, affecting their shadows and reflected auras. These chameleonic qualities can also be seen in sculptures made of plastic that change colour as the viewer moves around them.